RESULT: diminishing cellulite and helps in weight loss

This is a complete treatment that includes 4 phases:


1. Body exfoliation - it is made with an enzymatic peeling that helps to open the pores, preparing the skin for the next step of the treatment.


2. Application of the Body mask - which contains several active ingredients: Sea salt, Hypericum extract and seaweed biomolecules, specially selected to facilitate lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate fluids and to balance the level of minerals in the body.


3. Body wrapping - this represents in fact a local sauna that reaches high temperatures, the procedure leading to the extremely rapid burning of the adipose tissue, the significant increase of the cellular metabolism and the rapid loss in centimeters.


4. Anticelulite massage (20min) - this will be applied on the problematic areas, having the role of diminishing cellulite, preventing the "orange peel" appearance in over 90% of cases, by using the professional anti-cellulite oil, based on a combination of more essential oils.

75 min/ 170 lei


RESULT: slimming, firm skin

The Slimming massage eliminates the accumulation of localized fat and stylizes the outline of the figure, that is, creates a more aesthetic silhouette. 

This is done with a strong pressure and a faster speed than the traditional way.

During our anticellulite massage, we use a professional cream for body slimming, which reduces the volume of adipose tissue, preventing and treating fat accumulation. Also within this massage, we combine manual massage techniques with bamboo techniques, to quickly get the best results.

50 min/ 125 lei


RESULT: reduction of cellulite and of localized fat


Cavitation is a non-surgical technique to eliminate localized fat through the use of low frequency ultrasound, which is applied to the area where fat is concentrated to dissolve adipose cells from inside. Subsequently the fat is eliminated with urine or through the lymphatic system. This technique is used to remove orange peel and mattress skin, returning the normal appearance to the skin of the treated areas, while improving circulation, eliminating toxins and increasing the tone and elasticity of tissues.

Se recomandă o achiziționarea unei ședinte de Presoterapie după realizarea acestei proceduri.

30 min/ 140 lei


RESULT: Lift and tighten


Radiofrequency lipolysis is a treatment which uses a radio frequency to heat the fat without contacting the patient


One of the newest fat reduction technologies is radiofrequency. Radio Frequency delivers energy to the areas of fat by driving controlled heat deep within the fat cells and subsequently destroys them. Radiofrequency is a very versatile procedure that can be used on any area of the body – from large areas like the abdomen to very small areas such as the chin – with the same degree of success. It uses sound waves to vibrate and cause mechanical disruption of fat cells causing them to break down.


Another benefit of radiofrequency is its ability to reduce both fat and tighten the skin by directing energy to target collagen especially when diet and exercise has failed. Radio Frequency is also ideal for the age-old problem of spot reduction. The treatment program is designed to improve body shape and reduce unwanted fat from areas such as face and neck, upper arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, knees, calves, ankles and male breasts.

Preț variabil: 120 - 210 lei


RESULT: weight loss


Vacuum therapy through the suction movement increases circulation to flush away fluid and liberated fat, the vacum stretch out fibrous tissue and smooth dimples. It stimulates the body's natural mechanisms in the fight against cellulite, restoring skin tone and firmness.

30 min/ 90 lei


RESULT: celulite reduction


The heat melts subcutaneous fat, increases circulation to flush away fluid and liberated fat.

30 min/ 140 lei


RESULT: Fight against imperfections of cellulite

Hot slimming body wraps: 

Against the imperfections of cellulite and adiposities. With botanical ingredients that remodel your figure.

For all types of customers who need to reduce inches, cellulite and remodel their figure. 


Cold slimming body wraps: 

Excellent for people suffering from problems of slackening skin. For those who need to reduce inches, 

firming and remodel their figure. Cryo technology

40 min/ 100 lei

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