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Intensive Anticellulite Treatment

This 75 minutes treatment consists of several stages, all acting efficiently against cellulite, offering tone and firmness to the skin:

1. Body scrubbing - done with an enzymatic peeling that helps to open the pores, preparing the skin for the next step of the treatment.

2. Applying an Algae mask - containing many active ingredients: Menor's salt, Hypericum extract and seaweed bio-molecules specially selected to facilitate lymph drainage, helping to eliminate fluids and balance minerals in the body .

3.  Infrared heat blanket -  which opens up pores and releases all of the toxins in the body, leading to extremely rapid burning of adipose tissue, a significant increase in cell metabolism and rapid loss in centimeters.

4. Anti-cellulite express massage (20min) - applied on one area to reduce cellulite, preventing the appearance of "orange peel" skin in over 90% of cases.

Recommendation: to achieve sustained results, between 8 and 10 treatment sessions are required.

This treatment is even more effective in combination with anti-cellulite massage sessions and lymphatic drainage massage sessions.

75 min/ 170 lei

Zen Ritual (honey intense hydratation)

This ritual is meant to deeply hydrate the whole body, being a sensory escape in exotic places.

It consists of a small ritual of welcome, followed by 100 minutes of treatment.

1. This ritual begins with a body exfoliation, made with a gem composed of sweet almond oil, honey, royal jelly and salt alum.


2, It continues with a honey pack, designed to hydrate the skin deeply, to render its shine and softness.


3. At the end you will have a relaxing massage of 50 minutes, which will relax and immerse you in a state of well-being and peace, re-bringing you balance and harmony.

75 min/ Preț 165 lei

Anti-cellulite wrapping

Our slimming gel based on coffee and cinnamon is applied to your areas of concern before your wrap to attack the hard to get areas, pull out additional toxins, tighten & tone the skin, and will add to your inch loss., then 40 minutes are spent in the infrared heat blanket.

40 min/ 100 lei

Detox wrapping

Our body detox wrapping is perfect for those water retainers that are looking to an efficient detox .This treatment  detoxify the body using the benefits of the green tea and the heat blanket which opens up pores and releases all of the toxins in the body. In just one session you can vividly see results and continue seeing them as long as you keep drinking a vast amount of water prior and following your treatment.

40 min/ 100 lei

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