Guided meditation with Cosmina

Guided meditations are another tool to reduce stress and gradually put a balanced life feeling into the heart of every one who practices it. Cosmina does not believe in miracle recipes and techniques, but in respecting everyone's bio-individuality and working with personal emotional baggage. Cosmina will teach you to listen to your body and emotions and apply healthy, long-term effect.

Beneficiile meditatiei:

-reducing stress and anxiety (gradually "fight - or - flight" is reduced by reducing stress hormone levels: cortisol and adrenaline)

- lowering blood pressure

- lowering cholesterol

- more efficient use of oxygen throughout the body

- increasing anti-aging hormone levels

- Improving the quality of sleep

- clarity & focus

- cultivation of presence

- the feeling that "I have more time"

- recommended in fear management


(45 min)


10:00 - 11:00

60 lei

Pret:                            40 lei/ oră