Patient Coach, Nutritionist and Pilates instructor

Cosmina has a special story, which makes her extremely committed to work with her clients.

She is a  cancer survivor, certified as a Nutritionist Technician, followed nutri-genomics and nutri-genetics courses and studied epigenetic. 

She has been certified as a Pilates instructor and practicing meditation since 2013. Cosmina is passionate about life, love and knowledge.


He is a Patient Coach, Nutritionist and Pilates Instructor, Imunis Association President, Motivational Speaker and Writer. Organizes camps, workshops and corporate well being plans. He is a simple, curious person, in love with nature, courageous and funny. She likes the children, loves to help people.

Personalized Diet plan for a healthy lifestyle and body


We are still working to conceive the best approach and materials. Please wait for the beginning of December 2017, whe we will release the details of the whole programme.