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„Health, contentment and trust are your most valuable possessions and freedom is your greatest joy.”


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Our credo

We believe that a life worth living has to have a perfect balance between the moments of challenge and those of indulgence and pampare.


From time to time we have to stop, relax and regain the harmony and balance. We also believe that we need to make time to meet really interesting people, from which to learn the art of living our lives better.


And last but not least, we think it would be all the better if we could do all this in the middle of the community we live in, without wasting precious time on the roads.

What will you find at Lotus Spa?

Lotus Spa is a small but stylish relaxation center – a true boutique spa operating in Otopeni city, only 10 minute drive from the International Airport. The whole place is meant to induce a state of calm and harmony – friendly staff, relaxing music, baldaquin massage rooms. We offer a variety of professional massage and cosmetics therapies from which you can choose from according to your needs and disposition.


We use products with natural origins that are both healthy and pleasant for the skin. For massage we use natural cold pressed oil, while for cosmetic treatments we use Bio Mer organic products based on natural seaweed extract from Menor Sea, Spain. 

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Our body massages and body therapies  have been thought of in the smallest detail, so that our guests have a perfect experience: from the baldaquin chambers, the ambient music, the aroma therapy to the heated towels and the natural oils used, we want to bring a state of peace and calm, from the very first minutes.

At the beginning and end of each therapy we serve jasmine tea to complete this experience.


Our Facial Treatments are made with professional BIO MER cosmetics, which have a Marine Seaweed extract from the Menor Sea, in the Murcia region located in southeastern Spain and numerous other medicinal plants, whose biomolecules have been scientifically researched to to demonstrate the efficiency of their use. The brand's promise is to treat and embellish the skin using only natural ingredients and the properties of marine algae.

Alternative therapies

We believe in the power of our own bodies to find their balance and healing inward, just needing little help. This is why we introduced acupuncture and some other alternative therapies to our body, mind and spirit. We have started collaborating with nutrition, acupuncture and other therapists such as Dien Chan, Reiki, Aromatherapy and many more.

Body. Mind. Soul.

We believe that in order to work well and to be in harmony, it is important to have a holistic approach, paying attention to the three pillars that work very well only together: body, mind and soul.


Our Pilates classes, the 3-Balance program, along with the meditation hours, bring this integrated perspective that balances and harmonizes the whole.

What our guests are saying about us?

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Otopeni, 90 Avram Iancu street

contact@lotus-spa. net

tel: 0742266755



from Monday to Saturday, between 10:00-21:00

Saturday, between 10:00-19:00

Mirela Vaida

TV host

It's great to be the mother of two young children, but let's face it, it's tiring too. I take care of them full time, breastfeeding, sleeping, shopping, eating, cleaning every day. For a while, I try, as much as possible, to spend at least one hour of relaxation once or twice a week and go to the massage. I found a welcoming place with good energy, balance and harmony! I had the best massage and the warmest atmosphere at LOTUS Spa . For an hour, I even managed to disconnect and get my energy back. Thanks a lot, Geta and Andreea, for massage and tea of ​​jasmine !! It was perfect! I'll be back soon!

Mihaela Calin

News presenter

A wonderful experience!

Lovely people with whom I have not just talked about massage, but also about nutrition, crystals and a state of calm in a crazy world. We have purified the energies with a Tibetan bowl, and I understand there are quite a few people who do not live their lives after program, target and image. A place to escape in paradise!

Anna Ghica

Health coach

Here I have done the BEST massage ritual of my whole life and I've tried all kinds of places!

LOTUS spa signature therapy is the best!

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