Patient Coach, Tehnician Nutritionist si Instructor de Pilates

Cosmina has been certified as a Pilates instructor and she is practicing meditation and Pilates since 2013. Together with Cosmina, you will learn to integrate Pilates and meditation technique into a balanced lifestyle that will induce your feeling of "more time", "less stress". So, as you become more committed to relieving the accumulated stress, attachments and negative emotions, you can reduce some of the symptoms you feel, regain your well-being, make energy deposits and feel that life is wonderful as it is.


The stress in Cosmina's life brought it to a critical point, a cancer diagnosis. Although, this normally brings more stress, Cosmina has somehow managed to turn it into a tool of mindfulness and emotional healing. "It was not easy, but I want to go ahead with the techniques I have learned and practiced. The books teach us extraordinary things, but if we remain at the theoretical stage, without putting it into practice, we can not fully feel the benefits reported by various authors.

Pilates with Cosmina

We will organize individual Pilates classes, as we believe that they bring a more personalized approach and respond better to the needs of each person. We arganise individual classes and group classes (max 3 persons/ group).


5 Reasons to Practice Pilates:

1. It corrects the posture

2. Strengthens the pelvic part (good ft and post pregnancy)

3. Toned abdomen and arms

4. Improves digestion and sleep

5. Relaxes the central nervous system

Some of the advantages of individual classes are:

- The instructor can accurately identify the issues to be corrected

- The instructor can correct the client in the execution of the Pilates posts

- It increases the efficiency of each class

- Results get faster

Duration:            60 min

Price/ class       90 lei

Subscription:   680 lei/ 8 sessions/ month



8:00 - 10:15    from Tuesday to Friday

Duration:            60 min

Price/ se            60 lei

Subscription:   440 lei/ 8 sessions/ month



8:00 - 10:00    from Tuesday to Friday