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Lotus Spa Heaven Ritual

This is our signature therapeutic massage, designed as an immersive experience of self-rediscovery. We have gathered from the richness of multiple massage cultures around the world to create this personalized massage that will respond each time to your specific needs. The therapist will use a proprietary combination of massage styles: Swedish, Lomi Lomi Kahuna, Deep Tissue, Reflexotherapy, Thai and Marma Ayurvedic).

Lotus Spa Ritual will be perceived a sensorial journey that brings balance and harmony.

90 min/ 180 lei

Relaxing Massage (Inner Balance Massage)

One of the top choices nowadays in terms of massage techniques. Chaotic lifestyle, stress, worries and tiredness – they all have an effect on our body, creating muscular tension and affecting the flexibility of our joins.

Relaxing massage techniques induce a state of well being, taking away muscular pain and the unwanted effects of tiredness and stress. At Lotus Spa we also include aromatherapy using essentials oils that have a relaxing effect, as well as music therapy that helps the mind switch off and get back in harmony.

At the end of the session you feel again full of life, stress-free and full of positive  energy.

70 min/ 125 lei

Relaxing Candle Massage

Candles have been used for millennia in the spiritual practices across the globe. This relaxing massage integrates the usage of warm candle wax, bringing balance between body and spirit. We use candles specially designed for therapeutic usage, with natural ingredients and essentials oils. The warm wax offers a unique senzorial experience, hydrating the skin and producing an overall relaxing effect.

50 min/ 150 lei

Facial Classic Massage

This is a pleasant and relaxing therapy that offers multiple benefits. Firstly, it helps maintaining the facial skin health and beauty, improving its elasticity and slowing down the aging effects. Moreover, facial massage helps in the case of sinus congestion and headaches, reducing also the overall stress levels. It also facilitates lymphatic drainage and therefore the detoxification process. Facial massage can be performed as part of a cosmetic treatment or as standalone therapy.

30 min/ 80 lei

Head & Neck Massage (Head Stress Reliever)

This massage is designed to relieve the muscles of the cervical region and stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. Massage offers a deep state of mind and head relaxation. Choose your desired level of pressure, whether you need a strong massage to relieve built up tension, or a gentle and tranquil experience if you just need a break from busy life.

30 min/ 80 lei

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