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Some guidelines that helps to prepare your visit:

Because our primary goal is to help you regain your inner balance, calm and get positive energy, here are some tips on how to ensure a pleasant and relaxing experience from start to end.

All therapies in our menu have been specially designed by our consultants and practitioners, taking into account to maximize the therapeutic effect. Any exception from the standard offers (composition or duration) requires prior consultation and agreement with the therapist. You will also receive information on the specifics of each therapy, about their benefits, durat and the possible treatment regimes that you can perform, to get maximum effects.

Several days before...

Do not forget to make an appointment!

We recommend to book your therapy in advance, at least one week before your visit, in order to be sure you get the time slot you want.

Couple massages and spa parties should be scheduled at least two weeks before the desired date to ensure that we can honor your request.

You can do the appointment either by phone (0040742266755) or by e-mail (contact@lotus-spa.net), being informed about the availability of therapists, schedule, therapy duration and its price.


We are kindly ask you to contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you want to cancel your appointment. We will ensure that you receive a reminder message, a day prior your booking, so you can let us know if you want to cancel. If you cancel your appointments the same day, more than 3 consecutive times, we will reserve the right not to reserve any other therapies in the future.

Just before your visit...

Do not eat a heavy meal right before your appointment. 

Drink water, but not excessively, having to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, will disrupts the treatment.

Do not get your (alcoholic) drink on right before or after treatments—it's dehydrating.

In the relaxation area..

Arrive at least 10 minutes early to check in and begin decompressing.

We strongly recommend you enjoy a tea while you put your phone in silent mode.


Please be punctual in order to benefit the complete therapy. If you arrive late, the therapy will end at the time initially set, paying the full price. If it will be possible to do another, shorter therapy, our therapist will let you know which are all options.


A guest form will need to be completed by you at your first visit, before starting any of the spa therapies. Please inform the therapist if you suffer from certain conditions or if you are pregnant.

If you want to take a shower before the therapy starts, please make sure you have the time available so that therapy can start at the time you initially set.


Clean towels, slippers and bathrobes will be provided by our center. Our ultimate goal is to offer you an unforgettable and stress-free experience. We hope you maximize your visit to Spa Lotus and you will enjoy our services and atmosphere.

In the therapy room..

Your therapist will guide you into the room, but you still can enjoy the relaxation area after the therapy.


Once you arrive in the treatment room, the therapist will come out, while you will make yourself comfortable and youțll cover yourself with  the towel provided. You will be draped with the towel entire time, ensuring your comfort and privacy at every moment.

Disposable lingerie will be provided in the room and we ask you to wear it throughout the therapy. You can also choose to keep your intimate linen.


Please take with you in your therapy room all your personal belongings. Please remove your jewelry and your watch before the therapy.

Speak up about the room temperature, music volume, and massage pressure, and do mention injuries or physical conditions.


Put your chin down, close your eyes and relax. Avoid to chitchat, you're missing an opportunity to truly relax .

At the end of your therapy..

You can remain in the room for a few extra moments after the therapy is over, so you can slowly recover.

Do not get off the bed suddenly and try to place both feet on the ground, at the same time.

After you get dressed and take your personal things out of the room, we are waiting for you in the relaxation area, on the ground floor, to enjoy a tea or a lemonade. It is important to get your hydrate well.

Hope you enjoy your visit and see you more often!

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