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Man Spa Escape

Handpicked to rejuvenate and refresh from top to toe, experience a Hot Stones Healing Massage (75 min) , a Relaxing Facial and a Pressure Point Scalp Massage (30 min), completed by a Man Exclusiv Facial Treatment (70min).

165 min/475 lei

Jet Lag Therapy

This package is specially designed for those who want to recover after long journeys, being extremely suited to stimulate blood circulation and unblock the tensions. It includes a 75-minute hot stone massage that relieve the tensions and relaxes the muscles, followed by a 30-minute Foot Massage that will revive the entire body.

105 min/ 210 lei

Working Man Massage

The therapist will apply a deep massage to relieve muscle aches and relieve stress, stimulating blood circulation, relaxing the whole body and bringing balance. This therapy will offer Sport Deep Tissue and a Head&Neck relaxing massages.

90 min/ 205 lei

Healing Vulcanic Stones Massage

This therapy consists of a Deep Tissue massage realized with warm volcanic rocks.The constant temperature of the stones increases blood circulation, nutrition and metabolic processes at the cellular level. When blood circulation through the skin increases, the detoxification process of the liver and kidneys also increases, bringing balance.​

75 min/ 180 lei

Sport Massage (Muscle Revival Massage)

This is an in-depth massage that is particularly recommended after physical / sports activities. Massage is done by stimulating the deep layers of muscle tissue, alongside and against muscle fibers, tendons and fascia. Helps eliminate blockages and contractions, improves muscle tone and acts as a catalyst for metabolic recovery processes. A study published by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has shown that this type of massage has real effects in lowering blood pressure. I

60 min/ 125 lei

Reflexology (Foot Heaven Massage)

Reflexology is based on the theory that all of the body’s organs, glands and systems have corresponding points on the feet and hands, and that stimulating these points can increase circulation of blood and energy to improve the function of the body and increase health.

Release stress and tension today by booking in for a blissfully relaxing and therapeutic reflexology session.

The massage starts with a feet bathing session using salts and plants that have detoxification effect.

This therapy has numerous benefits: reduces toxin accumulations, improves blood circulation, relieves body pains, fights depression and improves the quality of sleep.

50 min/ 125 lei

Man Stress Release

This combination of two therapies is highly appreciated by men. Facial massage stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate stress and the sensation of tired eyes, while the scalp massage relaxes deeply the entire body.

45 min/ 110 lei

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage (Express Back Revival)

The back is the part of our body that is highly exposed to unpleasant effects driven by elements such as: incorrect body postures (while sitting or moving), tiredness, sudden & uncontrolled moves, cold, lack of sufficient minerals in our organism etc.

This therapy focuses on the area of back, neck and shoulders, aiming to diminish muscular tensions, contractures and aches. The massage will improve the blood and lymph circulation, improving muscular tonus and articular mobility.

30 min/ 80 lei

Muscle Tensions Release - full package

This package features a sequence of therapeutic massages that are thought to act effectively on muscle contractions and pains, also having the role of relaxing the full body and mind.

Sport massage                             - 50 min 


Reflexology                                   - 50 min

Hot stones healing massage      - 75 min


Therapeutic general massage   - 50 min


Gift: 1 free 30 minutes therapy at you choice:

- facial massage

- head&neck massage

4 sedinte/ 555 lei

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